Statement on the occasion of World Clean Energy Day

On World Clean Energy Day, we are committed to achieving a sustainable and clean future in the region and remain committed to catalyzing the transition towards a green, healthy future. Promoting the use of renewables is a key pillar of our mission. Clean energy is one of the main factors that contribute to reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality, and the adoption of renewable energy technologies contributes to maintaining the ecological balance and reduces the effects of climate change, so we strongly encourage investment and development in this field.

As environmentalists, through our educational and awareness initiatives and activities, we are not limited to civil society, but we seek to build effective cooperation with governments, the private sector, and civil society organizations. We always look forward to forming effective partnerships that promote policies that contribute to investing in clean energy projects, whether large or small, and providing a supportive platform for these projects that contributes to accelerating the transition towards sustainable energy use and improving the lives of communities.

In the same context, we stress the impact of the bombing of energy facilities by the Turkish state, as this causes an increase in the unregulated use of generators, which increases the challenges and burdens on society in these endeavors. We strongly demand that these acts be stopped and move towards a peaceful solution that preserves the environment.
In conclusion, we see World Clean Energy Day as an opportunity for reflection and joint action towards a green future. We challenge ourselves to work hard and dedicate ourselves to supporting renewable energy solutions and preserving our community for generations to come.

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