All this has had a negative impact on the environment and biodiversity, leading to an ecological imbalance in the environment, and an impact on public health, with higher rates of respiratory and heart disease and an increase in the rate of cancers, and the world is ripe for diseases and epidemics.

Syria in general and Northeastern Syria in particular had a share of this environmental suffering, especially in recent years where the wars and the subsequent fires of forests and crops and the cutting of thousands of trees have led to the deterioration of water resources, as well as the unwary and irresponsible use of oil resources and the use of primitive roads, and other reasons for the deterioration of the environment in the Al-Jazeera region, where recent statistics revealed high rates of respiratory and malignant diseases in this region compared to the whole country,  with the difficulty of securing health services, this poses a significant threat to the region both environmentally and healthily.

Therefore, believing in the pursuit of a healthy environment and the need to participate in protecting our environment and natural resources and creating a participatory relationship between man and natural resources, away from the principle of greater profit at the expense of the environment, we understand the need to launch awareness-raising initiatives to alert the threat to the region. As a group of volunteers, activists and academics interested in environmental issues, we established the Environmental Green Trees Association.

Green Trees Association

Green Trees is a development association concerned with public environmental affairs and issues, a non-governmental and non-profit organization, working inside and outside Syria, it includes environmental and agriculture specialists and academics as well as volunteers and civil society activists interested in the environment, launched in October 2020.

The objectives of the Green Trees Affiliation

  • Green Trees launched the “4 million trees” campaign of with the aim of producing four million seedlings over a five-year period of time.
  • Environmental Protection and development. –
  • Increasing green spaces to 10% of the total area of Northeastern Syria.
  • Preserving a healthy ecosystem and biodiversity. –
  • Contributing to reducing the deterioration of the general climate.
  • Working on spreading environmental culture and developing environmental awareness
  • Working to establish a database and environmental statistics networks.
  • Achieving community participation in environmental development. –
  • Achieving sustainable environmental development in Northeastern Syria.

Target regions

Accepting from the “Green Trees” that sound environmental action on any geographical area of the planet reflects positively on the entire world and improves the overall environmental situation, we have adopted work in coordination with governmental and non-governmental environmental stakeholders in all regions of Northeastern Syria, and Syria in general, in schools, universities, administrative institutions, industrial reserve forests, and empty agricultural areas that can be afforestation,  and nature reserves threatened with shrinking areas.

Execution instrument and work

  • Production seedlings in the specified seasons.
  • Taking the media as a means to create an environmental culture in society.
  • Conduct environmental and societal campaigns and seminars to introduce the positives of the healthy environment and the need to contribute to its protection.
  • Communicating with regional, international and local government agencies, environmental organizations and associations with the aim of obtaining support, establishing friendships and concluding agreements, and adhering to agreements that serve the global environmental issue.
  • The participation of community groups in projects to achieve community participation in the region.

Promotion and backing

We call on all local and international governments, associations and civil society organizations interested in environmental affairs, as well as citizens within the community to cooperate and support the “Green Trees” project to contribute to achieving the desired goals, whether materially or morally.

The volunteering and collaborating on ‘green tress’ are open to anyone who believes in the identity and objectives of the association.