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Environmental risks as a result of the Turkish army targeting the cave structure

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For the fourth respectively day, the killing machine of Turkish army continues its aggression against the regions of North and East Syria, from Derik in the east to the areas of IDPs of Afrin in al-Shahba in the west using various types of weapons provided by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization / NATO . The barbaric strikes and shelling of Turkish army targets civilian areas, vital facilities and infrastructure in the region ,Where power stations, grain silos, hospitals, clinics, and schools were targeted . Today, November 23, and in an escalation, the killing machine of the Turkish forces is resorting to a series of systematic targeting of oil and gas fields and facilities in the areas of Derik, Tribsibi, Girgi Lege, Rumilan Which caused great destruction, the outbreak of fire, and the leakage of oil and gas from wells and fields, amid the inability of the firefighting teams to reach or control the flames leakage caused by continued bombing. While there is no secret about the devastating impact of this bombing on the environment of the region and the health of the population, which suffers poor conditions as a result of droughts, degradation of vegetation and deliberate cutting of water by Turkey. Bombing of oil and gas stations causing an environmental disaster threats 1 million people living in the surrounding areas, Especially if the shelling continues and weaken the local authorities to rehabilitate compensate damages After years of siege and war against terrorism. we as green tress(braid) condemn and denounce the ongoing Turkish assault, We appeal on international bodies and civil society institutions, particularly organizations concerned with the environment, climate issues and biodiversity, to raise their voice and exert all kinds of pressure to force Turkey to stop its aggression and barbaric targeting of infrastructure and vital facilities necessary for the livelihood of five million residents of North East Syria. We also call for the Turkish state and its army leaders the accountability for the environmental damage, and to bring them to justice.