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Participation of the Environmental Green Braids Association in a cultural and philosophical symposium

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In Paris on 18th of March, on the initiative of PhD In One Night/ Laboratory for Radical Peace in residence at Orangeries de Bierbais, the working group of Guerilla University and residents of the Orangeries met with the French philosopher Jacques Ranciere. The group discussed, in Norwegian Kultur Academie, the (Hypo)theses on the Sensible Intelligence, a collective text comprising 30 ideas/statements written by the residents, and inspired by the work of Jacques Ranciere. This collective act of thinking and writing, putting in practice collective intelligence presents an attempt to reconfigure the the private domain and historical English garden built in 1828 by the German/Dutch architect Charles-Henri Petersen (also the architect of the Botanical garden in Brussels from 1830), place made up under the colonial laws and regimes starting the news period: reconfiguration of this place under the new protocols of work and collective influences, relating this place with the theses from Rancière’s s book « Time of the Landscape « . The gathering in Paris consisted of several interventions: introductory notes, presentation of « Green brais » action in Rojava, collective reading of the (Hypo)theses on the Sensible Intelligence, the response and interventions by Jacques Ranciere, musical interventions, poetry readings, and finalized with a collective zoom discussion between (Kurdish part of) Iraq, Croatia, Brazil, Rojava, and Poland. The speakers included Slobodan Golubović, Elisabetta Cuccero, Gulistan Sido, Jacques Rancière, Ivana Momčilović, Alexandra van Laeken, Camille Rancière, Kosta Jakic, Pedro Hussak, Mansour Taifouri, Leonardo Kovacevic, Erdem Gunduz, Anders Fjeld. The event on the 18th of March was dedicated to the Kurdish action of planting four million trees in the Rojava desert, in the middle of the war and, in continuation with it, to the action of planting olives of peace in Orangeries of Bierbais, by Gulistan Sido, Mensur Taifouri and friends ( 1st of May 2022) and on 29th of September by Mansour Teifouri and friends including Jacques Ranciere. The material of this gathering as well as the previous ones of Guerilla University and the materials of the next gathering announced at the Academie des arts visuel of Molenbeek in Brussels (late 2023 or beginning of 2024) will serve as a materials for a publication dedicated to Guerilla University, as the specific, self-organized form of sharing of knowledge based on unexplanation, self-learning, indisciplinarity, aesthetic education. Guerilla d’university was proposed by PhD In One Night, in collaboration with the action “Tresses vertes”/ Rojava University (temporary free territory in Kurdish Autonomous Region of Northern Syria) and Orangeries de Bierbais.